Volunteering your time as a photographer

Earlier this week, I met up with Mike Pach of the Colorado Photography Learning Group at the downtown studio of KCMJ 93.9fm Community-Powered Radio for Colorado Springs, where he hosts The Photo Show. Wish I could post a selfie of my time there, but the photo I took was truly awful beyond words, so no one will be sharing it anywhere!

Mike and I talked about our experiences as volunteer photographers in the community, myself as a volunteer photographer for National Mill Dog Rescue, and Mike as a volunteer for the Salvation Army. I gave some dog photography tips, and shared a little about my background in photography. There is so much need for volunteer photography in our community, so perhaps we can inspire you to find the organization that would benefit from your unique interests and skills.

You can listen to the episode here!




Author: Mary Lynne

Mary Lynne Ashley has been a professional photographer since 2001. She spends her time teaching photography, photographing dogs (primarily as a volunteer for a rescue organization), and operating her amazing photo booth inside a cute red 1971 VW bus -- the Photo Love Bus. The best way to get in touch is through email at marylynneashley@gmail.com.

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