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If you are asking “What the heck is the Photo Love Bus, ?” Read on!

If you haven’t seen it around town or heard about it yet, the Photo Love Bus is a photo booth inside a 1971 VW bus. Grab some props, climb inside, and let the automated photo booth do the rest, capturing digital images and creating prints that are ready within seconds of stepping out of the bus.

Since I came across this amazing idea and started operating earlier this year, this new business has enabled me to help thousands of people share laughs and create fun photos with their families and friends to remember special events ranging from weddings to companies to music festivals, and lots more.

Photo booth rental in Colorado SpringsAfter searching far and wide for a suitable bus earlier this year, I found the perfect one in a parking lot just one block from the studio! Pretty incredible since buses in such good shape are hard to find, and I’d figured I’d have to go out of state to get one. Since then, I’ve had the bus painted a beautiful red and white, named her “Ginger,” and have experienced an incredible year operating the most amazing and unexpected business.

People are delighted by the bus from the minute we pull up to an event, and their enthusiasm only grows once they climb inside and experience the fun automated photo booth.  People love sharing their pics on Facebook, and I run into people all over town who tell me their photo strip is on their fridge.

Colorado Springs photo booth rentalsAt event after event, we’re told the Photo Love Bus was the best thing at the event. In fact, the phrase we hear the most is, “This is the best thing ever!” If Ginger were a person, her ego would be HUGE. Seriously, there’s something about old VW buses that makes people smile. Men, women and children of all ages — nearly everyone loves them. Adding that affection to an already super-fun photo booth experience puts it over the top.

I’ve observed that people are so much more fun and natural when they’re hamming it up in the photo booth with family or friends, rather than posing for a photographer.

The Photo Love Bus is available for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers, and private parties. You may have already spotted and jumped inside the Photo Love Bus at an event around town!

Want more info? Contact me at or 719-205-7236.'

Author: Mary Lynne

Mary Lynne Ashley has been a professional photographer since 2001. She spends her time teaching photography, photographing dogs (primarily as a volunteer for a rescue organization), and operating her amazing photo booth inside a cute red 1971 VW bus -- the Photo Love Bus. The best way to get in touch is through email at

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