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Macro photography by Colorado Springs photography instructorNot too long ago I was hired to do some macro photography for a client, and it has completely opened up my eyes to a whole new world of photography that I’d been missing. I rented a macro lens to complete the first part of the assignment, but when I realized I still needed to take a few more shots after I’d already returned the lens, I decided to buy a macro lens, and would just sell it once I was done. Well, guess what? Ain’t nobody gonna be prying that Nikkor Micro 105mm f/2.8 lens away from me anytime soon.

Macro photography by Colorado Springs professional photographerOnce I got hold of that lens, I started photographing the insects in my neighborhood every evening, and found all these incredible little scenes that were happening right under my nose. I find photographing insects to be an almost meditative sort of experience. I’m able to shut out everything else, and concentrate on just finding the little buggers and then figuring out the exact right angle and composition to create a beautiful image. Everything else on my mind fades away while I’m in this discovery and creation mode.

I did have one experience that brought me out of that Zen state pretty quickly, and that was when I was photographing this adorable little grasshopper, and all of a sudden I felt a pain on one of my legs and realized I was being attacked by fire ants. Literallly with ants in my pants, I ran to my house and pulled off my pants, but too late to escape the pain and bites. Yikes. I’ve gotten smarter about what I wear now, and always wear jeans and sneakers so no one else is going to sneak up on me like that again!

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Author: Mary Lynne

Mary Lynne Ashley has been a professional photographer since 2001. She spends her time teaching photography, photographing dogs (primarily as a volunteer for a rescue organization), and operating her amazing photo booth inside a cute red 1971 VW bus -- the Photo Love Bus. The best way to get in touch is through email at marylynneashley@gmail.com.

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