About Mary Lynne

Colorado Springs professional photographerHi, I’m Mary Lynne, and I’ve been a professional photographer in Colorado Springs since 2001. For over ten years, I specialized in studio photography of babies, children and their families, but have changed my direction in the past year or two. Because there are so many incredible new baby and child photographers on the scene, I know I’m leaving parents in search of portraiture in good hands!

Several years ago I defined a mission for my professional life, and it comes down to this:

Help as many people as possible get cherished photos of the people, places and things they love.

I’ve found three areas of photography that make me super happy while helping me achieve my mission, and that’s where I now spend the bulk of my attention professionally.


Photography Instruction and Tutoring. I love working with individuals to help them learn how to use their cameras to create the photos they’ve always wanted to take. I also love teaching group classes, and writing articles sharing my photography experience and knowledge. It is so satisfying to help foster that “Aha!” moment when someone grasps a previously elusive photography concept. Most of my tutoring involves helping people make sense of their DSLR cameras, and I’ve gotten quite familiar with most of the DSLRs on the market. I own both Nikon and Canon DSLRs, and am comfortable with both. I’ve recently created an online course, Become DSLR Savvy in a Weekend, which walks you step-by-step through learning how to make sense of your DSLR camera.

My Photo Booth Business. The Photo Love Bus is an amazing photo booth inside a 1971 VW bus. Operating a photo booth is more fun than I could have ever imagined, and having one inside an old Volkswagen bus puts the whole experience over the top. It’s really just a mobile laughter machine. It is so fantastic sharing this fun experience with people at weddings, parties and festivals, and the photos are so amazing, authentic and fun. The photo booth has enabled me to get out and attend all sorts of events around town while meeting countless new and interesting people. We’ve quickly gained lots of rabid fans of our fun and unique business.

Dog photographerDog Photography. I photograph all sorts of dogs as an active volunteer for National Mill Dog Rescue. Photographing dogs, especially rescue dogs, is my true passion in photography. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve wanted to help shelter/rescue dogs find homes through photography for probably 20 years, and the perfect opportunity finally presented itself in early 2014. If I were wealthy and didn’t have to “work,” I’d be out at the kennel photographing and loving on dogs nearly every day! My poor doggies Marty and Dolly are very jealous when they can tell I’ve been cheating on them after a day at the kennel.

Sometimes I even get to merge my passions, as when we get dogs in the photo booth, or when I get to teach a dog photography class to rescue volunteers. Those are the times I know I’ve found my calling!

My photography business attracts clients from not only Colorado Springs, but also from nearby Pueblo, Monument, Woodland Park, Falcon, Fountain, Peyton, Cascade and Castle Rock, Colorado. You can contact me at MaryLynneAshley@gmail.com, or 719-205-7236.